A book hunt in Rimini

No Yoga on Stage for me today. I’m at our Airbnb in Viserba reading. Reading and resting, although I did go on a book hunt in Rimini today.

No Yoga on Stage for me today. I’m at home, or better; I’m in our Airbnb in Viserba reading. Reading and resting, although I did go on a book hunt in Rimini today.

See, the thing about being sick is that I read a lot. I am not so good at sleeping. Instead I read. Which I like, there is just one problem. I only brought one book with me. But the book – The Prophet and the Idiot – is too good (or better was too good) and I’m working less than expected.

Today I was supposed to be at Yoga on Stage, at Rimini Wellness, taking pictures of Vera Bettiol. Instead I’m in bed, being sick. I’m kind of okay, but as I have to do a talk tomorrow – How to run a business, based on yoga philosophy – I’m resting.

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Walking through Rimini

Resting and walking. If I have a good book, I finish it in a week. The Prophet and the Idiot is such a book. So I finished it. I thought it would last this whole Italy trip, but as I’m working less than expected I need a new book. Which means, a trip into Rimini.

My head doesn’t like running, my right knee doesn’t like running. Luckily there is always walking to fall back on. This taper might be a really bad version of a taper, at least I’m spending some time on my feet. Besides, I expect to be walking a lot during the Dolomiti Extreme Trail, the race I’m tapering for, anyway. I mean some parts have a 60 percent grade. You can’t run on that, can you?


An English challenge in Italy

Now the thing is, I read in English. Or Dutch. Not in Italian. Finding a book in English in Rimini is challenging. I had my hopes on Mondadori, but the choice was limited. Twenty titles? Twenty five, across 2 shops; city center and harbor? I think that’s all they had. Including Alice in Wonderland and some other classics. It shows again how international The Netherlands is. If we go to our favorite bookshop in Maastricht, Dominicanen, half of the books are in English.

The good news is, I did find one book that looked interesting; Steal, by James Patterson and Howard Roughhan. I’ve done about 50 pages. I’m taken.

The other good news is; having to walk to Rimini Center, Rimini harbor and back to our Airbnb is good for almost 14 kilometers. So maybe I’m not running, but I did spend some time on my feet during this book hunt.

Today's training

Bookshop walk
13,86 kilometers in 2 hours and 14 minutes


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