Can I fix Sara?

I hoped a month of rest would fix Sara's knee. It didn’t. I fixed my own knee, so the question is, can I fix Sara? Or at least her knee.

First trail run with Sara done, after her return from Italy. Sadly enough not a good one. Well the run was, but her knee wasn’t. It was bothering her after the Eindejaarstrail, December 31. I hoped a month of rest would fix her knee, but it didn’t. Her knee is painful again. I fixed my own knee, so the question is, can I fix Sara? Or at least her knee.

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She’s sad, I’m sad. It was so nice to run together again. We didn’t do anything crazy. She hadn’t run for a month, so we only went out for 5 kilometers, divided into 3 times 10 minutes of easy running and 2 minutes of walking in between.


Extra happy

It was cold, yet it was nice and fun again to run together. Sara was extra happy, because she hadn’t been in the forest for a month. It’s always so calming to be in the forest. Especially after a hectic week. Hectic but good.

See, Giulia and Matteo were here last week. That’s always special. Giulia came over to work. She filmed her part of the new 30 in 3 yoga course, which also features Vera Bettiol. It’s a variation of the 30/30 or 30/60 we normally do.


Run in the forest

Matteo comes along to keep her company and run. In his hometown in Italy he can only run on the street. At Giulia’s place he can run in a small park, so he’s always happy to come along and run in the forest.

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Sorry, I’m going astray. Let’s get back to the topic of this blog; how to fix Sara. We just went up to the massage room to see what’s going on with her knee. It looks like it’s her Tibialis Anterior that causes the pain. That’s the muscle on the front of your shin, and on the outside of your shinbone. The main job of the Tibialis Anterior is to pull the front of your feet up. Something you do a lot in running.


Normal pain

Pain in your Tibialis Anterior is kind of normal when you start running. Pain in your knee, on the outside isn’t. However, when the Tibialis Anterior is tight it can compress little nerves, which react by sending pain signals. Feeling Sara’s Tibialis Anterior it is tight, and there are a lot of knots in her muscle. If I can get those out, her knee pain should go away.

So it looks like Sara will be on the massage table a lot the coming weeks.

Today's training

Easy Trail Run with Sara: 3x 10 minutes with 2 minutes of walking in between
5 kilometers in 40 minutes and 4 seconds


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