Changing things around in the film studio

Easy day today. The focus today is on changing things around in the film studio. Not on running. That was for yesterday and is for tomorrow.

Easy day today. Well, kind of easy. The focus today is on changing things around in the film studio. Not on running. That was for yesterday and is for tomorrow.

However, I did get a few kilometers in this morning. Not running, but on the elliptical. My shoulder is still not working, which means I can’t do any Sun Salutations at the start of my yoga session. Instead I warm-up on the elliptical and step on my yoga mat after that. Hopefully soon my shoulder will be fine again, as I go coming Monday to the physiotherapist.



During the week I have my routine. Get up, do yoga or go for a run, meditate, have breakfast, have a shower and start working. On the weekend I’m not always sticking with it. I want to, yet other things get in the way. Today there are other things to do as well, that’s why I’m kind of proud I meditated, did yoga and did a little work-out on the elliptical.

Those other things are changing things around in our La Scimmia Yoga film studio. Mostly moving the electric heating panels around. The one of the photo studio gives great heat, the one of the film studio does not. As we are filming more than taking pictures it is more logical to have the best heater in the film studio. Now, when we film in winter, Sara is freezing.


Learn as you go

I think you always learn as you go along. Well, we do. We had to build our film studio from scratch. It’s an old tractor barrack. It has isolated walls and an isolated roof, but not an isolated floor. It’s a pretty big space, so hard to heat. We’ve already built one wall in it, to make the film space smaller and easier to heat, but we have to build more walls.

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As that is a pretty big job, we decided to do the easiest things first; change the heaters around. Boudewijn Vossen of Missing Link, helped me. Or to be more precise, I helped him, he did all the work.


Pasta Carbonara

It did mean he and I had to work on a Saturday, but to make up for that, Sara made pasta carbonara for us. I mean, if there is Sara’s pasta carbonara awaiting you, working is not a problem.

Photo: Building the film studio a year ago

Today's training

2,5 kilometers in 13 minutes and 49 seconds

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
28 minutes

Morning Meditation
15 minutes


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