Finally running again

Yeah, I’m running again. I missed it so much. The sun shines, the birds sing, and it’s around 20 degrees. What else can a man ask for?

Yeah, I’m running again. I missed it so much. The sun shines, the birds sing, and it’s around 20 degrees. What else can a man ask for?

Last Wednesday I was already done resting. I mean 3 days of rest after a hard race is generally enough for me. Day 4 I like to be on the trails again. Moving my legs a bit more than just walking.

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So why didn’t I go for a run? The answer is simple; I was sick. I picked up a cold in Wales last week. Luckily just a cold. I did a COVID-test as soon as I came home. It was negative. Sara did a test yesterday. Negative as well.

Hiking up Mount Snowdon last week Sara and I got very cold. I brought my waterproof jacket, Sara didn’t have an extra layer with her, so I gave my jacket to her. I think that hike lowered my resistance. A couple of days later I ran ERYRI 25k and gave it all. That normally lowers resistance as well.

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Low Heart rate training

Today is the first day I feel good again. I mean, I still have a head full of snot, but I feel I can breathe again. So, we’re out. We’re doing a low heart rate training for Sara. That’s a nice recovery run for me. It gives me the time to see how my legs feel.

I’ve got 3 weeks until my biggest race of this year. The biggest race of my life; Dolomiti Extreme Trail 55k. Not in importance, but in distance and altitude. I have never run 55 kilometers and I’ve never run 3.800 meters uphill. I admit, I feel ready for the distance, I don’t feel ready for the altitude. At the same time, I know I did all I could to get ready for it, for now. I mean I raced in England, Belgium and Wales and did a training weekend in Belgium. What more altitude training can I do?

Okay, I can do strength training. I started that a couple of weeks ago and it will be my focus until the last week of the race. Most of the running is done. From now on, my running is just focused on maintaining my fitness.

Starting with this little run today and one more big run later this week. From Thursday onward it will be harder to find time to run anyway, as Sara and I are teaching yoga in Rome and Rimini in the coming weeks. So let’s make most of the days I still have.

Today's training

Low Heart Rate Trail Run, with Sara
6,08 kilometers in 53 minutes and 57 seconds

Rest day (work day from early morning, to late evening actually)

Yin Yoga for Runners
40 minutes


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