First run in the Netherlands

We’re out for a run. We are Sara, Bruni, my parents' dog and me. It’s our first run in the Netherlands after more than a month in Italy.

We’re out for a run. We are Sara, Bruni and me. Sara is Sara, Bruni is the dog of my parents. She loves running. It’s our first run in the Netherlands after more than a month in Italy.

It is also my first run after the Dolomiti Extreme Trail, which means I haven’t done any running for two weeks. I think it’s good to take a break from running every now and then. Before the Dolomiti Extreme trail I was struggling with some injuries. Nothing big, just a painful right iliopsoas and a painful right knee. Maybe those two things were even linked.


Trail des Fantomes

Taking two weeks off gave me the time to let the little injuries heal. Now I’m feeling fine again, so I can focus on my new goal; running the Trail des Fantomes. However, I’m going to start up slowly. Still giving my body lots of time to rest.

This run this morning is mostly a fun one. Gerrit, my father, used to run with Bruni, but he had to stop. Whenever they are visiting I take Bruni for a run. A little one, as she’s not used to it anymore. Although, my parents go walking at least every second day, so Bruni still has lots of stamina. On top of that, whenever we’re gone, my parents stay at our place and Bruni spends all day in the garden, running around like crazy.

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Running in Italy

For Sara this morning’s run isn’t really an easy one. It’s her first in a month time. Well, almost a month. We did one little run in Viserba, but that’s it. So she slowly has to get started again. Her goals are: becoming a bit faster, a bit stronger and running 15 kilometers.

Faster this morning is easy. The only thing she has to do is hold on to Bruni and she’s flying. The rest we still have to figure out.

Today's training

Morning Trail Run with Sara and Bruni
5,43 kilometers in 43 minutes and 59 seconds

Saturday, June 24 - travel day
Yin Yoga for Runners
41 minutes

Friday, June 23
City walk Frankfurt
11,36 kilometers in 2 hours and 38 minutes


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