Four seasons in one day

We’re out for a run. I’m hot, I'm cold, I feel fresh, I am getting wet. It feels like four seasons in one day.

We’re out for a run. I’m hot, I’m overdressed. I’m cold, I’m under-dressed. Pfff, I’m getting soaked, I should have brought my rain jacket. No clue what’s going on today. It feels like four seasons in one day.

I heard the expression Four seasons in one day for the first time when I was living in Australia, and visited Melbourne. The climate changes there so quickly that it can feel like that. Not surprisingly, Crowded House made a song about it. If you don’t know Crowded House, it’s a band from Australia. Guess from which city….


Into the sun

Well, today it feels like that as well. Sara and I stepped out of the house, into the sun. Walking towards the forest, the wind was freezing cold. I thought about going back to get another jacket, but by now, I know my forest. And yes, as soon as we turned the corner and were sheltered by the trees it was nice and warm.

Five minutes into the run, the rain came down. One of those cold autumn rains. Luckily it stopped within no time, so when we were running along the Liskes (big ponds) it was dry again. Even better, the sun came out and we felt hot.

That lasted only a couple of minutes, because a cloud took over from the sun and it felt fresh. Fresh, but nice. Like a spring morning. Well, for a couple of minutes, because soon the rain came down again.


Recovery run

You might wonder how long we were out for our run. Not long. 5,7 kilometers. That’s all. Okay, we did it in 40 minutes, as it was a recovery run, but still. The weather was just crazy. Four seasons in one day crazy.

The good news is, my legs felt good. They are ready to start training again.

Today's training

Recovery trail run, with Sara
5,74 kilometers in 39 minutes and 47 seconds


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