Groceries or running, what do you choose?

My groceries were just delivered. Luxurious? Yes, but it saves time. Trail running time. And you? Groceries or running, what do you choose? 

My groceries were just delivered. I know, it’s luxurious, but I have a weekly delivery from the supermarket in town. It saves me time. Trail running time. And you? Groceries or running, what do you choose? 

I admit, it was Sara’s idea. She’s the smart one, when it comes to organizing. That’s why she runs our company, and I do just whatever it is I do at La Scimmia Yoga. But when Sara proposed it, I was onboard directly. See, I am not a fan of doing groceries. 

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Time management

First of all, I don’t like crowded places, and supermarkets can be, if you go at the wrong moment. Second, doing groceries takes time. It takes us 10 minutes to get to the supermarket, and 10 minutes to get home again. I easily spent half an hour to 45 minutes in the supermarket, as I often read the ingredients. Partly because Sara is lactose intolerant, and partly because there is a lot of stuff in food I don’t want to eat. Added sugar for example. 

The cool thing is, if I order online, I can select allergy (lactose) and diet preference (no added sugar), so I don’t have to read the ingredients on all products. Although, all sounds a lot, as we mostly eat fresh food


Saving time

So on average, going shopping takes me an hour a week. Ordering online takes me less than 10 minutes. So the simple question is, what do I prefer; groceries or running? Well, that’s not really a question. The answer is obvious; trail running

Okay, the supermarket doesn’t deliver for free. It costs 4,50 euros. We order once a week in winter. In Summer I think it will be less, as we have our own vegetable garden. But even if we would still order once a week, that 4,50 euros is definitely worth it. Maybe easy for me to say, as I can spend those 5 extra euros on groceries a week. But still, I don’t think that’s a lot for an extra hour extra of running every week. 

So if you are stressed for time, just ask yourself what you prefer: doing groceries or running?

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Today's training

Morning Meditation
15 minutes

5 kilometers in 27 minutes and 47 seconds

Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Runners
30 minutes

Core Workout - Metabolic Ab Smash
21 minutes

Fast Foot Mobility & Strength
15 minutes


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