I am a good weather runner

My plan was to go for a trail run today. I didn’t. Rain, wind, cold. Not my weather. So I’ll wait. See, I am a good weather runner.

My plan was to go for a trail run today. I didn’t. Rain, wind, cold. Not my weather to go for a run. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so I’ll wait. See, I am a good weather runner.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind running in the rain. I don’t mind running against the wind, and I don’t even mind running in the cold. It’s just the combination of the three I don’t like. If I had a race today, I would have gone, but now, for training, no thank you.


Other things on my mind

Running today or trail running tomorrow doesn’t matter that much. I can’t run every day anyway, because of my ankles, so I’m happy to postpone my training. I have enough other things to do. A wall to fix, lamps to hang, posters to pick up, blogs to write and a podcast to record. I like to do all the jobs around the house before Sara comes back from Italy. I think it’s nice for her to come home to a house that’s a little bit more decorated than when she left.

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I can see that running today could matter. If I had a race coming up, it makes a difference which day I run, as I want at least 2 days without running before a race. But that’s next week’s problem, because I still want to run the Houffa Trail next Sunday. Which means I will run coming Tuesday and Thursday, and rest Friday and Saturday.


Test run

My run this weekend is mostly a test run. Test as in testing my knee. To see if it’s still painful or not, and if so, how painful. I mean next week is a 23 kilometers run. That’s a long distance to run with a painful knee. So let’s see if the kinesiology tape and my massages have been doing their job.

That’s another reason I am not running today. Every run is damaging your body a little. I’ve explained this to you in the training article. So after every run my body needs to recover. But it is already working hard to repair my shoulder and knee. I don’t want to overload it. Running in the rain and the cold is harder work than running in the sun. So it’s not so bad for now to be just a good weather runner.

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Core strength

That doesn’t say I won’t do any exercise today. I think it’s good to have a routine, a habit of exercising. I’ll talk more about this soon, but in my case it means I will do my core strength training today. So rain or no rain, I will sweat.

Today's training

Core strength - hard core
23 minutes


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