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I made a rookie mistake

I made a rookie mistake this evening. Sara asked me if I wanted to do our core training. I thought for a moment about it and said no. Stupid mistake. Never ask yourself if you feel like doing something. Just do it.

See, if you ask yourself if you feel like going for a run, or do strength training, or abs, you give yourself the option to say no. Just do it. Get it over with. If you feel like it, or not.

Something weird

There is something really weird with exercising; no matter if it’s running, doing yoga or doing strength training. Afterwards you always feel great. Yet, up front you often don’t feel like doing it. I haven figured out yet why that is. I mean, if you feel great afterwards, why are you not motivated to exercise when the time is there?

To prevent that trap, I just told myself the trick to never ask if I feel like exercising. Yet, this evening I did. Stupid mistake. Rookie mistake.

Comfortable sofa

Okay, I blame Sara for it as well. That’s always the easiest thing to do, isn’t it. Blame somebody else. She never should have asked me if I felt like doing abs. She should just have said: ‘Time to do abs.’

Now I’m on the sofa. Now it’s too late. Sofas are so comfortable, but so mean. As soon as you sit down, they never let you go again. So to prevent you from making a rookie mistake like I did, never ask yourself if you feel like exercising, but also never sit down on the sofa before you have exercised. If you do, you lose. Sofas are stronger than your willpower.

Knee massage

There is a good side to being on the sofa as well. It gives me the time to massage my left knee, so I can go for a run tomorrow. That is, as long as I don’t ask myself tomorrow if I feel like going.

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