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I need a running goal

I am a bit restless these days. I want to run, but I can’t. Or at least, no long runs. My left knee is still bothering me. Not just physically, but also mentally. See, I need a trail running goal. Something to look forward to.

Don’t think of my goal as a big goal. I’m not talking about a world championship. Not even about a local race. I run for fun. I love going outside, head in the wind, feet in the mud, and the smell of the forest in my nose. However, it’s always nice to have a day out on the horizon, by going to a race.

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Lack of training

I do have them. In June my left knee will probably be fine again, so at this moment I’m not afraid I can’t start in the Dolomiti Extreme Trail. I still have faith I can do the ultra in Sussex. And if not, because of a lack of training, I can always run either the marathon or the 10k together with Sara.

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But I’m talking of a goal in the near future. A running goal around the corner. Okay, I do have one. I am supposed to start in the Houffa Trail two weeks from now, but if that is realistic is the big question. I ran yesterday. Me left knee wasn’t painful, but it did feel irritated. Very irritated.

I am working on the Sartorius muscle every day. It’s the one causing the pain on the inside of my knee. I am stretching it in the morning, doing trigger point massage in the evening. It’s working, but ever so slowly. Too slowly for me. But isn’t that always with an injury?


Being cranky

I’m noticing I’m becoming more cranky. I work out. Sara and I are doing core work again. Three times a week. Okay, I skipped it on Friday, but made up for it yesterday. But core work is not running.

To get some extra kilometers in, I work-out on the elliptical. Half an hour is my max. After that I’m bored. And that’s with listening to the audio book The Thursday Murder Club. The book is great, but being on the elliptical brings me nowhere. I miss the forest. Hack, I even miss the rain.


Lack of creativity

Being at home isn’t very good for my creativity as well. Look at this story. It’s the third one this week about my knee. I’m sorry. When I run, I’m full of ideas. When I’m at home, seemingly I am not. So, maybe I should just stop writing this blog and massage my left leg again. The sooner it stops hurting, the sooner I can plan a running goal, the sooner you can read nice stories again.

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