Little changes on the blog

Maybe you’ve noticed yesterday, maybe not, but there were a few little changes on the website. The cool thing is; this is only the beginning.

Maybe you’ve noticed yesterday, maybe not, but there were a few little changes on the website. The biggest one: I was silent for 2 days. The small one: my daily training overview looked different. The cool thing is; this is only the beginning.

We have a few ideas we’re working on. We are Sara, Stefano (the designer), Mirco (the wizkid), and me. Sara mostly as my sparring partner and inspiration. Stefano for the looks, Mirco to make everything we have on our mind happening and me to write and create.


Cool things coming up

I can’t tell you all that is going on, but I can tell that some cool things are coming up. Let’s say there is more coming for you and it’s going to be a little less about me.

So far I’ve taken you on my journey to run 50 kilometers at the age of 50. That race is now almost happening. In less than 3 weeks I’m on the starting line of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail 55k (DXT). It’s the race I set my eye on a year ago, when one of the volunteers of the DXT told me it was the most beautiful race they have.

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The day he told me I was picking up my Bib number for the 11 kilometers race. I was already happy I could run 11 kilometers. Last year has been an interesting journey, going from running 11 to running 50 kilometers. I will tell you more about that in another blog. For now, let’s focus on the changes.


More interviews

Change number 1 is one you won’t see. We’re working on the functionality of the website. Some things are not functioning the way they should. For example: the related posts are always just the last posts. We’re trying to fix that.

Change number 2 is me writing a little less. I hadn’t written in a long time. I missed it. I used to be a journalist for a daily newspaper, writing at least 5 stories a week. One of the reasons I started this blog was to write again. I challenged myself to write every day. I did, for the last 280 days in a row. I shared my journey to the DXT with you and shared what I’ve learned going from zero to ultra. Now my focus will be more on you.


New journey

Don’t worry, I will still share my journey. I even have a new journey in mind. If I will start that, depends on how the DXT goes. At the same time, I want to tell your stories. So many of you have a beautiful story, that’s worth sharing. I already interviewed Jeroen Stoof. I’ve more interviews lined up. So stay tuned.

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In the last couple of months I’ve shared book reviews and gear reviews with you. I’ve told you about races and given you tips and tricks on how to train; based on sport scientific research, like the story on how to train as an ageing athlete. There will be more of that. I’m a science nerd. I love to read all these books, read all these reports and interview all these people. I know not all of you are, or have the time or the access to do it. So I’ll do the studying for you and share it with you in a blog.

There’s more, but what I can’t tell you yet, as we’re still working on it. But it’s going to be cool. You’ll see.

For now, keep on running!

Today's training

Low Heart Rate Trail Run
18,19 kilometers in 2 hours, 2 minutes and 52 seconds


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