Low on energy

My first ultra in Sussex was four days ago. I feel a little bit low on energy. I like to run, but I should rest, which makes me restless.

My first ultra in Sussex was four days ago. I feel a little bit empty at this moment. My legs are okay, but I’m low on energy. I like to run, but I should rest, which – funny enough – makes me restless.

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I am also not very focused these days. Then again, I am never very focused, so I am not sure if I can blame the ultra for that. Let’s say my physical and mental energy is low.



I guess that is kind of normal after a run of 7,5 hours. Especially one I have been looking forward to for a long time. So it’s not just the energy that’s low, suddenly all the adrenaline that was rushing through me, is gone as well.

It would have been great to have a few more days off after the run. Okay, Sara and I rested on Sunday. We even did a nice walk to the coast in Sussex, but Monday was already a travelling day, and Tuesday was back to work.

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I know, that’s life. Every trail runner and marathon runner probably has that. And yes, we had a few nice, relaxing days before the run in Sussex. It’s just that whenever we go away, a whole pile of work is awaiting us when we come home. It’s the downside of having our own company.


Clearing my mind

Running is for me a way to clear my mind. To look at all the tasks that are awaiting me and make a priority list. I mostly run in the morning. By the time I’m back home I have a clear picture of what I have to do first and what can wait. As I am not running these days it’s harder to set priorities.

Especially because I’m so low on energy. That’s probably the reason I’m eating even more chocolate than I normally do. The good thing is, my legs are feeling better day by day. So physically I’m recovering. That means mentally I’ll soon be fit again as well, so I can treat you on nicer stories than this one. Although I think feeling low after a big race, is part of running as well.

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