My legs feel weird

Nine days to go to the MUT Festival. I am out for a run. My legs feel weird. I think because of the strength training of last Monday.

Nine days to go to the MUT Festival. I am out for a run. My legs feel weird today. They have been so good in the last couple of days, but I think the strength training of last Monday has changed that feeling. Let’s see how they will be tomorrow, when I will run with Sara again.

I am looking forward to the MUT Festival. It’s going to be a weekend away with my parents. My mum had her birthday on April 3, my father will have his birthday on April 23. We are giving them a long weekend in the Ardennes. They like walking, they like Belgium. I think we’ve found a nice Bed & Breakfast for them. One, where their dog Bruni is also welcome.

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Mighty Marathon

We’ll join them for a day and a half. Well, Sara mostly, as I will be running the Mighty Marathon that weekend. I think my parents will follow me around, together with Sara. It looks like it’s going to be a fun trail, with a lot of bands playing music around the refreshment posts. After the race there is a little music festival. Hopefully I have some energy left by that time to dance a little.

And hopefully it’s going to be nice weather. I mean, I left the house half an hour ago in the sun and now it’s pouring down. At this time of the year, it’s often still 4 seasons in one day. Some drizzle is nice, this is a bit too much. But okay, it’s all part of running. Yet, it would be nice for my parents to have a bit of sun next week.

Maybe another reason my legs feel weird is the training I’m doing; lots of tempo intervals. I like them, on the road. On the trails it’s another story. Especially today. It’s so muddy, it’s hard to go fast. Every time I speed up, I slide away.


A new record

Almost home. The last tempo interval was for a little Strava segment. I broke my personal record. 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The fastest time is 1:53. I don’t think my legs will ever be able to run that fast. But I’m happy with my time. Okay, my legs feel weird, but seemingly they are in good shape. Just a couple more training sessions and it’s time for the Mighty Marathon.

Today's training

Trail Run with tempos

12,97 kilometers in 1 hour 20 minutes and 47 seconds


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