My low back needs yoga

On bed, doing yin yoga. I should be out for a run now. My second run of today, but my low back doesn’t let me. It needs yoga.

On bed, doing yin yoga. I should be out for a run now. My second run of today, but my low back doesn’t let me run. It needs yoga.

It went wrong an hour ago. Sara and I were out on the land, placing posts on the border between our land and that of the farmer who owns the land next to us. Soon he will come to plough the land to plant potatoes. However, on our part we want to plant trees, as we like to give back to nature for all the travelling we have been doing.

I’m not sure if we can start the tree planting project this year, but it would already be nice to let the grass go wild. Insects and birds will love that.


Wrong move

Placing the posts I made a wrong move. I already had problems carrying them, as my (frozen) shoulder is really goofy these days. My mobility is very limited, my right arm is losing its mobility, and I’m losing strength in my arm as well as my right hand. So balancing posts on one arm and placing them one by one with the other didn’t work out as planned.

I think I had it coming. I’ve been doing some yin yoga ever since my shoulder problem started, but I need more than that. I have a bad back. I’ve had that for my whole life. Fifteen years ago, before I started doing yoga, I wasn’t able to walk at least one day a month. Yoga saved me. I can function, as long as I do yoga.


Deferred maintenance

Call it maintenance. Sadly and stupidly enough I haven’t done any proper maintenance in the last couple of months. I can’t even do a simple Sun Salutation, as I can’t stretch my arm. That’s why I focussed on yin yoga. That’s not enough, turns out.

How my back feels now, I won’t be running any more today. Sadly enough, because the day started very promising. Sara and I went out for a low heart rate run. It’s the next step in her training program. We ran 10 kilometers together, after which I did another 5 on my own. During that run I ran 5.55 minutes/kilometer, yet I stayed in heart rate zone 2. Another sign I’m ready for the Mighty Marathon at the MUT Festival. Well, if I manage to fix my back.

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Today's training

Low Heart Rate Training Sara
15,48 kilometers in 1 hour 55 minutes and 37 seconds

Yin Yoga
1 hour


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