No clue what I do at La Scimmia Yoga

Every now and then I get asked what I do for work. The truth is, I have no clue what I do at La Scimmia Yoga. I do a lot, but what?

Every now and then I get asked what I do for work, or what kind of work I do at our company. The truth is, I don’t know. Or at least I don’t know how to answer that question. See, I have no clue what I do at La Scimmia Yoga. I do a lot, but what?

This morning Sara and I started with our weekly meeting. We spoke about the upcoming yoga courses in general, and the yoga anatomy course specifically. It’s a course I’m going to make. It will be part of our training course to become a yoga teacher. See, at La Scimmia Yoga I’m the yoga anatomy teacher.

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Next up we spoke about our YouTube channel. We want to make more vlog-style videos again. I’ll write them, shoot them, and edit them, as I’m one of our filmmakers and editors.

Last point on the agenda were the podcasts. It’s time to kick-off the new season, and I’m our podcast producer, so I have to come up with some ideas.


Paying bills

After the meeting I went up to the office and did administration, as I’m our administrator. Luckily I closed December already last week, so there was not that much to do today. Just paying some bills. It gave me time to send a quote request for a The Running Dutchman neon light for in the office. See, I’m our main decorator.

After lunch, cooked by Sara – we do it in turns – I went to the hardware store to buy some tools I need tomorrow when I’m going to build the last wall in the shala. See, I’m kind of the builder around here.



Back home I filmed reels for Instagram, and short for YouTube. Sara wrote some real nice ones. She edited those. I just did the camera work, as I’m our cameraman.

At the end of the day I walked into our film studio to install a couple of things, and get the studio ready for the new yoga course we’re going to film with Giulia Martinelli. Keeping all the aperture running smoothly, and the buildings in good condition is part of my work, as I’m the maintenance guy.

So yeah, I’ve no clue what I do at La Scimmia Yoga. Or what you would call the job I do, but my days are always full.

Today's training

Morning Meditation
15 minutes

5 kilometers in 30 minutes and 8 seconds

Fast Foot Mobility & Strength
21 minutes

Core strength - Ab Smash
10 minutes


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