Plan B, or is it plan A?

Snowdonia or the Pyrenees, what is it going to be? They both sound cool. Tomorrow I’ll know. Plan B or plan A.

Snowdonia or the Pyrenees, what is it going to be? They both sound cool. Tomorrow I’ll know. Plan B or plan A.

As I told you last Tuesday, tomorrow is the raffle for Zegama Aizkorri, my dream race. The chance to get in, is not even half a percent. Luckily Snowdonia is on the same weekend, and I do have a bib for that race. Well, for the 25k. Getting into that is a lot easier. I just had to register in time.

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A newbie

It kind of happened by accident. See, lots of organizers set the date for their new race pretty late. Okay, maybe I should expect the same weekend next year as the date of a race, but as long as nothing is announced I am not sure. All these trail races are still new for me.

July last year, a month after I got all excited about my run in the Dolomites, I was looking around for some other cool trail run races, and I found the Ultra Trail Snowdonia. So I signed up, only to discover later that Zegama will be in the same weekend.


Zegama is Zegama

If Zegama wasn’t Zegama I wouldn’t have registered last month. But again, it is my dream race. Besides, if I don’t get in this year, at least I have two chances next year. On top of that; I am 50 years old. I am not sure how long I can still run crazy heavy races like Zegama. I mean, it’s a marathon with almost 5.500 meters of altitude.

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If I do get into Zegama, I will feel guilty about not going to Snowdonia. Luckily, tomorrow I will know, so I have enough time to make someone else happy with my bib number for Snowdonia.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to run in Snowdonia. I want to run in Snowdonia. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be beautiful. The nature there has to be amazing. It just misses that craziness Zegama has. Running in the midst of thousands and thousands of enthusiastically yelling fans. Cheering every runner on, like he or she is the leader of the Tour de France, like he or she is one of them.


Can I do both?

So yes, Snowdonia was plan A, Zegama was plan B, but if you ask me where I would love to start if I had to choose – and I have – I would say Zegama. So maybe that is plan A, and Snowdonia plan B. Or maybe both of them are plan A. One plan A for this year, one plan A for next year. How does that sound?

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