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Positive about my left knee

Sun, wind, mud, what more can a man want? I went out for a test run today, and I have to say, I am positive about my left knee. Positive with reservation.

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It’s 9 pm now. Almost twelve hours after this morning’s run. The one that was actually planned for yesterday. I can feel my left knee now, but just a little bit. Let’s say it’s a little bit irritated, but it doesn’t hurt. That’s a good sign.


Happy and relieved

The run itself was even a better sign. No pain. Little irritation as well, but that’s okay. I can handle that. I think the kinesiology tape and the massages are paying off.

At this moment I feel happy and relieved. I didn’t run this week. Just two sessions on the elliptical. My last run was more than a week ago. And this year I’ve only been running four times so far, including today. A lousy 29 kilometers in two weeks. Normally I run between 40 and 50 kilometers a week in my productive weeks.


Running is meditation

It felt good to be outside again. I missed running. For me running is meditation. It cleanses my mind. I go out with a head full of thoughts, and return with a calm mind. Plus, I like the feeling of being physically tired. The heavy legs in the evening, and my eyes closing as soon as I hit the mattress.

So no pain during the run, no pain afterwards. Let’s see how my left knee feels tomorrow. I will go upstairs now, massage my leg. If I don’t feel anything tomorrow morning, I think I am definitely allowed to be positive about my left knee. And the good thing is, I still have a week before the Houffa Trail. Fingers crossed.

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