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Registration UTMB Mont Blanc opens today

Do you want to run the UTMB finals around the Mont-Blanc? Then you better hurry, because the registration opens today, December 14 and closes on the 11th of January 2024.

To register you need Running Stones and a valid UTMB Index. If you don’t know what that is, check out our Guide to UTMB Running Stones for all the details.

There are a lot of races to choose from. 

  • UTMB, starting and finishing in Chamonix. 171km, 9.963m+. August 30, 2024
  • CCC, starting in Courmayeur, finishing in Chamonix. 100km, 6.156m+. August 30, 2024
  • OCC, starting in Orsieres, finishing in Chamonix. 55km, 3.425m+. August 29, 2024
  • TDS, starting in Courmayeur, finishing in Chamonix. 145km, 9.176m+. August 26, 2024
  • ETC, starting and finishing in Courmayeur. 15km, 1.200m+. August 27, 2024
  • MCC, starting in Martigny-Combe. 40km, 2.300m+. August 26, 2024
  • PTL, starting and finishing in Chamonix. 200km, 25.000m+. August 26, 2024


To get a spot on the starting line of the UTMB, CCC or OCC you have to enter the lottery, as there are more runners who want to run than places available. The more Running Stones you have, the bigger your chance to run. 

To be able to run the UTMB, you either need a 100 miles or 100 kilometres index race behind your name. To run the CCC you either need a 100 miles, 100 kilometres or 50 kilometres index race behind your name. The CCC you can enter if you have done a 100 miles, 100 kilometres, 50 kilometres and/or 20 kilometres race.

That means you can run the UTMB finals if you have never run the distance before. For example, you can run the CCC, the 100 kilometres final, if you have only done a 50 kilometres race and never have done a 100 kilometres race. Which sounds strange for a final. At the Olympic Games if you qualify for the 10 kilometres, you can’t start at the marathon. However, the UTMB calls the Mont-Blanc the final, but doesn’t see it as a final: “There isn’t a specific qualification for the equivalent category, but rather evidence that the runner has successfully completed a sufficiently long distance for the race they intend to attempt. We’re not stringent to the extent of demanding an equivalent distance; we operate on the principle that a runner who has completed a 100K will be capable of finishing a 100M”, explains the organisation.

Why it works differently with the UTMB finals, we can’t say. We reached out to the UTMB organisation for an answer, but despite lots of promises from their communication office, we never got one. 

No Running Stones required

Running stones and a UTMB index are not required for the MCC and ETC. Who signs up first for these races, gets the spot. For the TDS Running Stones are not required, however a valid UTMB Index in either the 100k or 100M category is.

The PTL is for teams of two or three people. The MCC is reserved for volunteers of the Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc, partners, and local runners who reside in Valais, Aosta Valley, Savoie, and Haute-Savoie.


The lottery draw for the OCC, CCC and UTMB is on January 16, 2024. If you are one of the lucky ones, you still have to confirm your start before January 29. If not all runners confirm their spot, there will be a second lottery for the open places. 

The whole of 2024 counts as a qualification year, so if you haven’t qualified yet, you still have 2 weeks to do it.  

Charity bib

Those who have a Charity Bib are guaranteed of their spot on the starting line. However, they still have to register for the race they want to run.

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