Running first thing in the morning

Normally I run first thing in the morning. On the days I don’t run, I do yoga. Only after that does my day start.

Resting day today. It feels strange to step out of bed and not do any sports. See, normally I run first thing in the morning. On the days I don’t run, I do yoga. Only after that first hour and a half of me-time, does my day start. 

I think I have had this routine now for more than 10 years. It’s the only routine that works for me. I used to exercise in the evening, like so many people. However, there is one big problem with the evening; something can come up. 


A beer in the bar

That something can be a lot of things. A friend who calls and asks to have a beer in the pub, work that has to be finished, a couch that is so much more comfortable than a pair of running shoes. So too many times my plan to go for a run or do yoga in the evening just didn’t happen. That’s why I decided to exercise first thing in the morning

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I know, I know, in the morning you have to get to work, but I’m happy getting up a bit earlier to get my run in or to do my yoga. Running is a great way to wake up, and doing yoga is nicer than hitting the snooze button on my phone. 


Going to bed early

It does mean I go to bed early, but I have no problem doing that. Sara and I don’t have a television, so I don’t watch any series or movies I have to stay up for. I read in the evening, and once a week Sara and I have a movie evening. That is, if there is a movie we want to see. Otherwise it becomes a reading evening as well. 

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On top of that, going to bed early, is part of our natural rhythm as human beings. I’ll come back to that in another story.

I even stopped drinking, because of my morning practice. Not that I drank a lot, but in winter I would have a port in the evening, and in summer a beer or white wine. However, I feel better in the morning without alcohol in me, so now I hardly drink at all. 


Commute time

To get to work takes me 10 seconds, as I work in the building next to my house. I’m lucky, I know, but now-a-days lots of people can work from home. My sister, for example, only has to go to the office one day a week. That saves a lot of travelling time. So instead of being in the car, she can go for a run. Same for me. 

I use my hour and a half of me-time in the morning, besides for yoga and running, to meditate and do some strength training for my feet. It does mean I’m only starting work at 10 am and I do work part of the evening. But I’m happy with that, because that way I’m certain I’ve got time to run or do yoga. So if you’re struggling to be consistent with your training, maybe give it a go and exercise first thing in the morning. Before you know it, you can’t do without it anymore. 

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