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Sara has left me, she went back to Italy

Sara has left me. She went back to Italy. Back to her parents. To visit them. Got you!

Sara is Italian, as you probably know. I’m Dutch. It’s not always easy being a couple with two nationalities. I mean, we didn’t meet in the Netherlands, nor Italy. We met in India. Sara called Mexico home back then. I didn’t really have a home in those days. The last country I lived in was Nicaragua. So the first question we asked ourselves was, where are we going to live?


Vietnam or Tenerife

I had an option to teach yoga in Vietnam, but that was just a temporary job. Sara wanted to live closer to her parents, after all those years in Mexico. Parents don’t get younger, only older. Sometimes it’s good to be close by, to make the most of the time we still have with them.

As Sara had heard good things about Tenerife, we decided to settle there for a while.

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One of the things we didn’t like was how far it was from Italy. I mean Tenerife is Europe, as it’s part of Spain, but it’s Africa at the same time, as it is situated in front of the coast of Morocco. In Summer Tenerife is around the corner, because there are many direct flights to Italy. However off-season Tenerife is two flights away from Milan, as you always have a stop-over in Madrid.



The long journey from Tenerife to Italy is one of the reasons we moved to mainland Spain. Sadly enough, being in Spain Sara still couldn’t visit her parents regularly, because of COVID. For a long time, we weren’t even allowed to leave our house. So leaving the country was no option at all.

Italy and Spain are next to each other. However, being in The Netherlands it has become a lot easier to go to Italy. For starters Eindhoven Airport is only half an hour from our house. Barcelona Airport was almost two hours away. And if we want to go by car, the journey has become almost 250 kilometers shorter.


Mother Earth

The only reason we don’t go regularly to Italy is that we don’t want to fly a lot anymore. I think mother Earth needs our help. The help of all of us. So we try to fly only if we have to for our work. Although, we’re researching how to get to Italy by train, so we don’t have to fly at all. There is no direct connection yet, but hopefully in the near future there will be.

Even now Sara is flying only one way, as she will come back by car with Giulia and Matteo. They will be here the last week of January as we’re going to shoot a new yoga course with Giulia for our yoga platform.

But for now, she went back to Italy. So I will be running this weekend, and next week on my own. If my left knee allows me.

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