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Testing my right knee and foot

Out for a run with Sara. We started in the sun, now we’re getting soaked. Let’s say it’s a good preparation for the ERYRI 25 kilometers at Ultra Trail Snowdonia next weekend. That’s partly the reason I’m running today anyway. I’m testing my right knee and foot. 

I’ve told you the Mighty Marathon (43,5 kilometers) and the Brabantse Ultra Trail (51k) were a little bit too much for my legs. Or at least the one was a little bit too short after the other. My right knee, or better right Sartorius muscle, and my right foot didn’t really enjoy so much running. That’s why I had to give my legs a rest last week. 

Low heart rate training

Now they feel fine. It’s an easy test, as we’re doing a low heart rate session for Sara. We’re trying to stay within her zone 2. In her case that’s 131 beats per minute. For today, her first serious low heart rate session, that means only a little bit of running and a lot of walking. For my foot that means it’s an easy and good test. 

An interesting year

It has been an interesting year. I mean around this time last year the longest run I had done was 12,8 kilometers. That’s 40 kilometers less than the Endurance Life Sussex (52k) I ran this year. Sussex is, up until now, also the race with the most altitude I’ve done: 1.611 meters. Last year around this time it was my trail run in Andenne, in Belgium; 425 meters. I think I’m allowed to say I’ve made big progress

Some small pains have been part of the journey. My Sartorius muscle has played up before. Mostly on the left. My ankles have been so … so. This time it’s the Sartorius on the right and my right foot. Just little pains. Pains I think every runner knows, but pains that need some attention. 

Mount Snowdon

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Wales to race up Mount Snowdon at the Ultra Trail Snowdonia. That’s my last big preparation race for the Dolomiti Extreme Trail (DXT), my big goal of the year. So these days it’s not about training. It’s about feeling my body. Giving some tender love and care to my right knee and foot to make sure I’m 100 percent fit when I’m at the start of the DXT. 

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