Trail running as a nice day out

We’re in the Amerongse Bos, running the Amerongse Berg Trail (12 kilometers). For us, trail running is a nice day out.

We’re in the Amerongse Bos, making our way towards the Lonely Oak, an old tree that stands in the middle of this forest. Normally we wouldn’t run here, as Amerongen is an hour and a half by car from our place. Yet, today is the Amerongse Berg Trail (12 kilometers), so we’re making a nice day out of it.

The day started as Sundays often start after a long week of work (including Saturday); lazy in bed. A cup of tea, a book, that’s it. I admit, sometimes it can take us hours before we leave our bed, especially if the week has been as crazy as this week; filming yoga courses, shooting pictures and editing videos. Yet, this morning was different, this morning we had a day out awaiting us.


Gloomy day

I think it’s nice to have something planned on Sundays. Especially on a grey, gloomy day like this. A day you don’t feel like going outside. Luckily we’re runners. Running happens outside. At least our running happens outside, as I don’t like treadmills.

So here we are, running uphill, towards the Lonely Oak. This solitaire tree stands in the middle of a forest that was planted around 1790 in the form of a wagon wheel, with the paths forming the spooks of the wagon.

So far it has been a nice trail, in the style of the organizing company Trail Running where you always start on your own. Sara and I are in the last wave. We had 2 girls starting a couple of minutes before us, but we haven’t seen them since. Behind us there is nobody as well, so we have the forest to ourselves.


Single tracks

The forest in this case are mostly wide lanes. When I ran the 20 kilometers trail, October last year, we had more single tracks. I know we have some at the end, but so far they have been rare. Sadly enough, as I always have fun running on them. At the same time now Sara and I can run side by side, that’s nice as well.

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It’s fun to see what a good runner she has become. When I did that 20 kilometers trail last year, Sara had only just started running. That’s why I went on my own. Back then she couldn’t even run 5 kilometers. Today’s trail was supposed to be 10, but the organisation added 2 kilometers. 10 or 12, it’s no problem for Super Sara these days.

At the Lonely Oak we take a right and make our way back to Boshotel Overberg, where we sit close to the fire and enjoy a nice cup of tomato soup and a carpaccio sandwich. Outside it’s still gloomy, inside it’s nice and warm. Yet, we’re happy we went. Running is such a nice day out.

Today's training

Amerongse Berg Trail - race
11.98 kilometers with 122 meters of altitude in 1 hour 22 minutes and 7 seconds


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