Training twice a day

Have you heard the joke about the two trail runners who went to Amerongen? They didn’t go. To make up for it, I trained twice today.

Have you heard the joke about the two trail runners who went to Amerongen? They didn’t go. Those two trail runners are Sara and I. To make up for it, I trained twice today.

Yesterday I told you we would go and run in Amerongen. I also said I was looking forward to it, and I was. Sara was. But ideas change. I blame our bed. It’s too nice and comfortable.


Hectic week

Last week was a hectic week, especially for Sara. We’re working on an event website for our La Scimmia Yoga platform. It’s a big project, involving lots of people, which means lots of things can go wrong and they do. Even this weekend it kept Sara busy.

My week? Well, you know how that ended. Because of my shoulder, sleep hasn’t been great this week. Actually, it hasn’t been great for months now. To cut a long story short, when we woke up this morning, I went downstairs to make us a cup of tea, grabbed our books, a biscuit, and went back to bed to join Sara for a very slow start of the day.

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Running in Riethoven

That was not all. After our late breakfast we had another cup of tea on the sofa, while looking online which route to run today. That was so interesting that Sara dozed off again. In the end we decided not to go for a long ride to Amerongen, but just a short ride to Riethoven, the village next door. We ran the Loondermolenpad, a very cute 6.2 kilometer trail. There are more trails around there, so I think we’ll go back.

As I need to make lots of kilometers these days, I decided to train twice, so this evening I stepped on the elliptical to do another 6 kilometers. Seemingly training twice a day is good for your bones and muscles. I will look into that a bit more in the coming weeks.

Probably after my ultra in Sussex, because before that race I am not going to change anything in my way of training. This works, so let’s stick with it. After Sussex I am happy to experiment.

Today's training

Easy Run Riethoven, with Sara
6,1 kilometers in 47 minutes and 7 seconds

6 kilometers in 32 minutes and 36 seconds


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