Worst taper ever

I should be teaching yoga today, I should run today, instead I’m doing nothing. I’m sick. Again. This has to be the worst taper ever. 

I should be teaching yoga today, I should do a bit of running today, instead I’m doing nothing. I’m sick. Again. This has to be the worst taper ever.

Tapering means taking it easy in the weeks before a big race. Taking it easy, because you want to, not because you have to. I have to, and what I’m doing is not taking it easy. It’s not doing anything at all.

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See, tapering is still running. I should be training now, for the Dolomiti Extreme Trail. I’ve prepared a whole year to be able to do this race, but at this moment I’m doubting if it is wise to start. I probably will, but if it’s wise? Luckily I have 9 more days to get better.


Immune system

I came back with a little cold from Wales. Sara and I walked up Mount Snowdon. Sara didn’t bring an extra jacket, I did. I gave it to her as we had this tour in Italy coming up. She stayed warm, I got cold. A few days later I had a big race. Two things that aren’t the best for your immune system. So back home, I got a cold.

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It was more or less over when we went to Italy, but a cold hotel room, hot Roman streets and lots of people aren’t a good combination. So I got sick again. Which brings us to today. I was supposed to teach yoga this morning at Yoga on Stage, here in Rimini, but I couldn’t. I don’t have a lot of voice, and even less air. Every time I bend down, snot runs out of my nose.


Super Sara

Luckily Sara is Super Sara. We went through my class yesterday evening, and this morning she stepped on stage for me. Teaching the Yoga for athletes class like she had been teaching it ten times before.

Our workshop, How to overcome fear, I could teach, as I didn’t had to go upside down. That was Sara’s part. I only had to do Crow pose and explain a bit of theory.


No running

This evening my original plan was to go for a run, but I’m out of energy, so the new plan is to go to bed early and read my book: The Prophet and the Idiot. It’s the latest from Jonas Jonasson, my favourite writer. Absurd humour. It’s the best way to get my mind of this worst taper ever.

Today's training

Gelato walk
3,39 kilometers in 40 minutes


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