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Lin Chen and Guangfu Meng win the Hong Kong 100

Lin Chen (China/Adidas Terrex) and Guangfu Meng (China/Hoka) have won the Hong Kong 100, the first race of the new World Trail Majors ultra trail running circuit.

Lin Chen left Ying Li (China) and Yuanyuan Wu (China/Altra), both from China, easily behind her. Chen ran the 100 kilometres and 5.300 metres of elevation in a time of 12 hours, 44 minutes and 51 seconds. With that time she stayed far above the course record of 11 hours and 28 minutes, set by Xiang Fuzhao. Ying Li finished in 13:39:30, Yuanuyan Wu in 13:54:08.

Guangfu Meng was with his time of 10:16:56, almost 20 minutes faster than defending champion Peiquan You (China/Anta Guanjun), 10:35:11. Peiquan You had a far narrower margin on Tyler Green (USA/Nike Trail), who finished third in 10:38:12.

Grand Sam victory

The Grand Sam victories (the joint ranking of the Third, the Half and 100k) were for Wenfei Xie (China/Salomon) and local hero Chun Kit Tsang. Wenfei Xie beat her countrymen Fen Zhao and Junyue Zheng (Kailas fuga), while Chun Kit Tsang beat Disi Liang (China/Vibram) and Sange Sherpa (Nepal/Kailas).

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The Third

Rachel Drake (USA/Nike Trail) won The Third (33k, 1.400m+). She was, with her time of 3:04:25, almost 20 minutes faster than Yuan Jin (China/Mountain bug) and Binbin Xiong (Hong Kong/Kailas).

The men’s victory went to Jisub Kim (Korea/The North Face/Coros) in 2:48:57. Vlad Ixel (Australia/Bix Hydration) finished second, Tiago Vieira (Portugal/Bigk) came in third.

The Half

Ruifang Zhou (China/Vibram) grabbed the victory in The Half (56k, 2010m+) in 5 hours, 48 minutes and 30 seconds. Na Zhang (China/Kailas) finished second, Nuria Picas (Spain/Salomon/Buff) third.

Erqing Wu (China/Kailas) was the fastest man on The Half in 4 hours, 48 minutes and 15 seconds. Banglin Fan (China/Salomon) finished second, Aiai Shi (China/Kailas) third.

The World Trail Majors continues February 10 and 11 with the Black Canyon Ultras in Phoenix in the United States.

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