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Reiterer and Garcia win the Ultra Trail Chianti race

Andreas Reiterer and Azara Garcia have won the Ultra Trail Chianti Castles, the 103 kilometres (4.000m+) ultra trail in Radda in Chianti, Italy, that’s part of the UTMB World Series.

With her time of 10:12:29 Azara ‘Storm’ Garcia (Spain) finished as 15th overall. She left Heidi Schwartz (Germany, 11:34:08) and Nicoletta Gossa (Italy, 12:15:10) behind her.

Memorable victory

Reiterer (Italy) was, with his time of 8:40:33, too fast for Sébastien Spehler and Paul Cornut Chauvinc, who battled it out for second and third. Spehler won, with a margin of 35 seconds: 08:52:02 versus 08:52:37.

For Reiterer, who won silver at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships on the long trail last year,winning at home was one of his most memorable victories, he wrote on his Instagram: “Unbelievable. I will certainly remember this victory for a long time, as a 100 kilometres race is always a big challenge. The course was very fast and the level of the runners was high, so I am very proud of how I managed the race. The victory and the fast time are giving me a lot of hope for the rest of the season.”

New course record Chianti Ultra Trail 73k

Emily Hawgood (Zimbabwe) and Aleix Toda Mas (Spain) won the 73 kilometres long Chianti Ultra Trail (2.850m+). Hawgood, runner-up on the UTMB CCC of last year, set a new course record; 7:22:14. Toda Mas finished in 5:55:41.

Toda Mass struggled with his intestines for most of the race and had to make a couple of technical stops, as he called it himself. Which handed Davide Cheraz (Italy) the lead. Mass would catch up, take the lead, only to dive into the bushes again. In the last 6 kilometres his stomach held up for his final push, beating Cheraz by less than a minute: 5:55:41 versus 5:56:38.

Andres Garcia Blanco (Spain) finished close behind Toda Mass and Cheraz in 5:59:10 as number three.

Catherine Poletti & Emily Hawgood
(Photography: Alessandro Moretti)

Marathon Trail

Robbie Simpson (Great-Britain) won the Chianti Marathon Trail (43k – 1.650m+) in 2:50:42. Simon Paccard (France) finished second in 2:52:43. Bertie Houghton (Great-Britain) came in third in 2:56:56.

In the women’s race the victory went to Nuria Gil Clapera (Spain). With her 3:20:45 she was 2,5 minutes faster than Camilla Magliano (Italy, 3:23:14). Theres Leboeuf (Switzerland) finished third in 3:27:09.


Robbie Simpson

Robbie Simpson 
(Photography: Lorenzo Orlandi)

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