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Wyder and Elazzaoui shine at Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Finally, finally. Elhousine Elazzaoui (Nnormal) has his big victory. The Moroccan trail runner won today the Marathon du Mont-Blanc in Chamonix France. It’s Elazzaoui’s first victory in the Golden Trail World Series of this season. Judith Wyder (Swiss, Hoka) won the women’s race, which also meant her first win in the Golden Trail World Series of the season.

Elazzaoui ran a super strong Zegama marathon a month ago. Yet, in Spain he wasn’t able to beat Kilian Jornet, his teammate, and best trail runner of this moment. In Chamonix, Elazzaoui was up against Rémi Bonnet, who returned after his winter break. Bonnet, last year’s winner in Chamonix, looked fresh and eager. He led most of the race, but on the last downhill Elazzaoui was able to pass him. “This victory means a lot to me; I’ve been wanting to win the Marathon du Mont-Blanc for a long time. It’ll give me even more confidence for the upcoming races, I know that I can do even better. Rémi was really strong today, but I stayed calm, and I went in for the kill at the 36 kilometre mark.”

Second place for Bonnet

Bonnet resigned himself to his loss: “I’m happy with my first marathon of the season. I don’t think I could’ve done better. If you look at the times we set today, they were much faster than last year. It shows that the level is rising every year and that this second place is worth even more than my victory last year. Elhousine was really strong today so congratulations to him.”

Roberto Delorenzi (Swiss, Brooks) completed the podium: “I’m really pleased with how my race went today. At the start the pace was manageable and I could keep up with Rémi, but when he put on the gas in the first climb, I preferred to keep some energy for the second part. Then I managed to keep up the speed to get ahead of the Kenyans. I’m very happy with this podium spot and especially with the time.”

Strong finish Judith Wyder

The women’s race was almost a copy of the men’s race, with Mădălina Florea (Romania), leading most of it. But just like Bonnet, the Salomon athlete couldn’t hold on and saw Judith Wyder pass on the last downhill. Wyder: “I’m pleased with my strategy today. I felt strong on the rolling sections but had more trouble on the steep climbs. Despite that I was able to keep up with the leading girls and I knew I could then go on to take the win, and that’s exactly what I did.”

Florea celebrated her second place as a victory: “It was my first marathon-distance trail race and I’m really proud of how it went. I tried to go for the win, I made my move on the final climb but the last 6 or 7 kilometres felt really long… I’m thrilled, for me this second place is worth just as much as a win.”

Yao beats Laukli

Chinese Miao Yao (China, Salomon) also made her move in the last kilometres. She overtook Sophia Laukli, last year’s winner: “I could see Sophia run in the distance, and it motivated me. I just told myself I had to keep pushing to try and get on the podium. In the end, I managed to catch her on the road section. I’m really happy with this podium.”

Photos: Mathis Decroux

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