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Tag: 80/20

Run slow to become fast – the 80/20 rule

Running slow is the secret to be fast. That sounds like a contradiction, but there is logic behind it. Let’s explore.

First run after our holiday in Scotland

First run after coming home from our holiday in Scotland. 19 kilometers. It was fresh, it was rainy, and it was lovely.

Time for the next step; more speed-work

Lucky me: I can run one day earlier than planned. That run will be the first of the next phase with more speed-work.

In Kinlochleven, ready for the Big Race

Two days to the Three Mealls Trail race. We’re here, in Kinlochleven, for the Big Race and the mountains look … scary.

Broken my 5 kilometers record

Yes, I have broken my 5 km's record! It was a little test if my training schedule is working, and the answer is YES.