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Sara’s long distance record breaking trail run

Record breaking day today. Well, hopefully. Sara is doing an attempt to break her long distance record.

I have a map fetish

I'm always looking at maps, always have been. How to get from A to B, where I could go, how a state or city is shaped.

My final tests before my ultra

I’m building up slowly, to give my ankles, and the rest of my body, the time to adapt to all this long distance running.

Brabantse Kluis Trail; dreaming of hot chocolate

Beautiful, cold, hard. I think that summarizes my Brabantse Kluis Trail in Aarle-Rixtel in three words.

Super Sara ran her first 10 kilometers

Sara ran 10 kilometers today. She was supposed to do that 3 weeks from now, but she already did it.

Doubts about my next trail running race

I have doubts about what my next race is going to be. I can't handle cold & wet combined, and I'm still positive (COVID)

Playing hide and seek behind a tree

27,5 kilometers done. Not a bad run, after another horrible night. I’m kind of surprised my legs did so well.