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The lessons from the Ommerland Trail

Looking back at the lessons I can learn from the 44,5 kilometers Run Forest Run Ommerland Trail last weekend.

Afraid of a little bit of pain

It’s a week before the Run Forest Run Ommerland trail marathon, which means I’m afraid of every little bit of pain.

From 3 to 43 kilometers

If I run the Forest Run Forest Ommerland Trail it means that I went from 3 kilometers to 43 kilometers in 1,5 year.

When will I trust my ankles again?

It remains my first worry the morning after a race: how are my ankles? Will I be able to trust them again?

A day in bed with the cat

A cat against your belly is comforting when every inch in your body hurts and you’re not able to keep your eyes open.

I’m getting old

It’s the day after my longest run in my second running life and I feel good. I’m also thinking I’m getting old.

25 kilometers in the pocket

I did it. 25 kilometers in the pocket. It took me almost 3,5 hours, but that had a reason. I’ll tell you in a minute.

I’ve been sloppy with recovery

As I’m now running more kilometers a week and more days a week than ever before, I should seriously focus on recovery.

A morning full of doubts

Breakfast first. Followed by another cup of tea, to buy me some time and make up my mind on what training I should do.

In Kinlochleven, ready for the Big Race

Two days to the Three Mealls Trail race. We’re here, in Kinlochleven, for the Big Race and the mountains look … scary.