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Tag: Ardennes

Houffa Trail; running in Winter Wonderland

Snow crunches under my shoes. The landscape ahead is magically white. The Houffa Trail is running in Winter Wonderland.

Trail des Fantomes; waves of energy

Highs and lows, downs and ups, the Trail des Fantomes was riding on physical and mental waves of energy. 

Jeroen Stoof, preparing for The Great Escape

Jeroen Stoof is preparing to run The Great Escape, a hundred mile race in the midst of the central Ardennes in Belgium.

My race plan for the Brabantse Ultra Run

Maybe it’s a bit naive to spontaneously decide to run an ultra, but I want to have another 50 km's in my legs.

A Muddy Mighty Marathon

Twenty three kilometers done. My feet are finally touching some asphalt instead of sinking away in mud.

My legs feel weird

Nine days to go to the MUT Festival. I am out for a run. My legs feel weird, maybe the strength training caused it.

The lessons from a trail weekend in Spa

I can feel I’ve had a hard trail weekend in Spa, but I don’t have any crazy pain in my muscles. What were the lessons?

Trail Run Spa; the coolest downhill ever

Left, right, little hill, puddle, small bridge, rocks, mud, trees; everything seems to fly by when I’m racing downhill.

Super Sara is ready to shine in Sussex

She smiles after 5 km’s and 7 km’s & after 11 km’s and more than 400 meters of altitude: Sara is ready!

Shake out run to loosen up the legs

We’re in Spa, Belgium. Tomorrow I’ll run a half marathon on my own, followed by a 10 kilometers with Sara.