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Tag: Ayurveda

Sara is a non-sprinting Pitta

Let’s get back to Ayurveda again. Simply because I love it. Let’s look at Sara. She is a a Pitta-Kapha.

I am no good at any distance

What type of runner am I? I've asked you the question before, based on Ayurveda (Indian medicine), but what about me?

What type of runner are you, according to Ayurveda?

What type of runner are you; sprinter or marathon runner? Ayurveda can give you the answer with one look in the mirror.

Pasta, pasta and pancakes

Pasta, pasta and pancakes. That’s what I will be eating today, tomorrow and on the day of the Brabantse Kluis Trail.

You can’t repair a car when it’s driving

I have COVID, so I shouldn't do anything today. As an Ayurvedic doctor once taught me: ‘You can’t repair a driving car.'