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Brooks Caldera 6, a review

Let’s talk shoes. Trail running shoes. Let’s talk about the Brooks Caldera 6, Brooks’ long-distance trail-running shoe.

The lessons from the Houffa Trail

Just had a massage, that wasn’t too painful, which is a good sign. Good enough to make new plans for the coming weeks.

Keeping dry feet with a shoe freshener

I never heard of a shoe freshener, and dryer, but having wet and smelly running shoes, I decided to put it to the test.

Time to think about Saturday’s race

Sara and I are out for a trail run. We just missed the sun. Yet, it’s still nice to be outside.

A day in bed with the cat

A cat against your belly is comforting when every inch in your body hurts and you’re not able to keep your eyes open.

I bought shoes, normal shoes

I have been walking in my wedding shoes for over a year. And they were the only pair of normal shoes I had. 

Picking up old paper instead of running

Today was an unplanned day of rest. Sometimes days just turn out like that. And this day of rest is part of my taper.

I bought dry weather running shoes

No rain today, so I ordered new trail running shoes. Dry weather running shoes.