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Lessons from my 35 kilometers trail run

I want to run in a way that I can keep on running; injury free. So let’s look at the biggest lessons I've learned.

Putting together tomorrow’s race plan

My legs feel good. I just went out for a run with Sara. OK, maybe not the wisest thing to do the day before a trailrun.

I am still not fit

I have the sensation I’m running through murky water. It’s almost two weeks since I got sick, but I am still not fit.

Doubts about my next trail running race

I have doubts about what my next race is going to be. I can't handle cold & wet combined, and I'm still positive (COVID)

You can’t repair a car when it’s driving

I have COVID, so I shouldn't do anything today. As an Ayurvedic doctor once taught me: ‘You can’t repair a driving car.'

I feel like breakfast and a run

It’s 4 am, I’m wide awake. My shirt is drenched. I feel like breakfast and a run. A run at this moment is not very wise.

Should I run in a running group?

Running group Bergeijk is the group I want to become a member of. Kind of. Actually, I’m still in doubt.