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The legs are still tired

15 km's of running is nothing these days, but I guess my legs are still tired from my ultra run in Sussex 1,5 week ago.

I am doomed

Fifty years. Fifty years and 4 months to be precise. So, what does that mean for a trail runner?

Getting nervous for my first ultra

Less then 2 weeks to go, and I’ll be running my first ultra, in Sussex. I have to admit I’m getting nervous.

From 3 to 43 kilometers

If I run the Forest Run Forest Ommerland Trail it means that I went from 3 kilometers to 43 kilometers in 1,5 year.

First ultra trail run test completed

36 kilometers and 780 meters of trail running in the pocket. In other words, first ultra trail run test completed.

Running in a winter wonderland

Sara and I are out for an interval training. Running these days is like running in a winter wonderland.

Would I run a night trail?

I see a lot of night trails lately, and a lot of ultra trails start at night. But would I like to run them?

How quickly things change

The first trail run races I did, I was nervous. Now? I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s race, but nervous? No.

How slow (or fast) am I as a runner?

What I like about running: everybody competes against her/himself. Sometimes it’s fun to know how slow I am as a runner.

Time for the next step; more speed-work

Lucky me: I can run one day earlier than planned. That run will be the first of the next phase with more speed-work.