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Houffa Trail; running in Winter Wonderland

Snow crunches under my shoes. The landscape ahead is magically white. The Houffa Trail is running in Winter Wonderland.

The lessons from the Houffa Trail

Just had a massage, that wasn’t too painful, which is a good sign. Good enough to make new plans for the coming weeks.

Houffa Trail; running in winter wonderland

A tunnel of snow. Running the Houffa Trail here, in Houffalize (Belgium), is running through winter wonderland.

Just one more day to go

I’m in Bastogne (Bastenaken) 20 minutes away from Houffalize, where I will run the 23k Houffa Trail tomorrow.

Getting nervous for the Houffa Trail

I’m running. In the wind, in the cold. Smile on my face. But... I’m getting nervous for the Houffa Trail this Sunday.

Positive about my left knee

Sun, wind, mud, what more can a man want? I went out for a test run today, and I am positive about my lef

I am a good weather runner

My plan was to run today. I didn’t because of the rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I am a good weather runner.