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You need iron to run

To transport oxygen to your muscles, you need red blood cells. Or to be precise Hemoglobin and Ferritin.

Me and my iliopsoas are not friends

Sometimes you know something is wrong, but you don’t know precisely what. Now I do: an irritated iliopsoas.

First run in the Netherlands

We’re out for a run, Sara, Bruni and me. It’s our first run in the Netherlands after more than a month in Italy.

Run slow to become fast – the 80/20 rule

Running slow is the secret to be fast. That sounds like a contradiction, but there is logic behind it. Let’s explore.

Making it to the starting line

Four nights to Endurance Life Sussex. With the race coming closer, I start to wonder; am I failing if I don’t make it?

How am I doing? 

5 more nights and I am going to run my first ultra run ever, the Endurance Life Sussex. So, how am I doing? Am I ready?

The lessons from the Ommerland Trail

Looking back at the lessons I can learn from the 44,5 kilometers Run Forest Run Ommerland Trail last weekend.

I ran a marathon, against doctor’s advice

I can’t remember how many doctors told me: stop running. I became my own specialist and ran a marathon yesterday.

Too many knee injuries

I see a lot of people with knee injuries lately. I'm going to address this topic more here on the blog. So stay tuned!

Afraid of a little bit of pain

It’s a week before the Run Forest Run Ommerland trail marathon, which means I’m afraid of every little bit of pain.