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Tag: La Scimmia Yoga

A week full of surprises

The trick to progress is to be consistent. But how can you be consistent when you have to travel for work?

I like challenges and badges

Call it whatever you want: challenges and badges motivate me to be active, even on days I don’t have time to be active.

Podcast: Sara Bigatti, the runner

My wife Sara's talks about her first steps on the trails, how yoga can benefit runners & how running can benefit yogis.

A running photoshoot

The last couple of years I’ve almost only been shooting yoga pics, so I'm always searching for backgrounds in nature.

Time is my biggest enemy

A perfect running morning. But I'm not happy. I should be behind my desk working. Time is my biggest enemy these days.

Seven Sisters Sussex

3 more nights to my first ultra run. We’re staying close to the Seven Sisters, the series of chalk cliffs on the coast.

Training twice a day

Have you heard the joke about the two trail runners who went to Amerongen? They didn’t go. Those two were Sara and me.

Italy, here we come

We spend a lot of time in Italy, which we love, teaching yoga. Let’s see if I can find some trail runs to do as well.

Changing things around in the film studio

Easy day today. Well, kind of easy. The focus today is on changing things around in the film studio.

Groceries or running, what do you choose?

I have a weekly delivery from the supermarket in town. It saves me time. Trail running time.