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Doubting about Nature Marathon Tessenderlo

Should I start or shouldn’t I start? I am doubting about the Nature Marathon Tessenderlo, because I am not feeling 100%.

Up next; Nature marathon Tessenderlo

My little training camp in Austria is almost over. One more day of running here, that’s it. Up next; Nature marathon Tes

My legs just can’t run that fast

It’s marathon season. I look at marathon runners in awe. I just don’t know how they do it.

My legs are ready for the Mighty Marathon

Next week around this time I’ll be running the Mighty Marathon at the MUT Festival. My legs are ready for it.

Where do all these ultra runners come from?

Now-a-days a marathon it’s just the baby brother of an ultra, but where do all these ultra runners come from?

The legs are still tired

15 km's of running is nothing these days, but I guess my legs are still tired from my ultra run in Sussex 1,5 week ago.

Running up the Wall of Geraardsbergen

I’m going to run up the Wall of Geraardsbergen. If you’re a cycling fan you may know the Wall from the Tour of Flanders.

I ran a marathon, against doctor’s advice

I can’t remember how many doctors told me: stop running. I became my own specialist and ran a marathon yesterday.

Cheerleaders at RFR Ommerland

Setting my pace strategy for Ommerland

While having fun running a new trail close to my house, I’m creating my pace strategy for Run Forest Run Ommerland.