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I ran a marathon, against doctor’s advice

I can’t remember how many doctors told me: stop running. I became my own specialist and ran a marathon yesterday.

A naked knee and a strange shoulder

Medical update; there is no tear in my rotator cuff. Or at least not anymore. The bad news is, my shoulder still hurts.

My left knee is not happy

The plan was to do a little recovery run, but not a very short one. The reason we did; my left knee is not happy.

I’ve been sloppy with recovery

As I’m now running more kilometers a week and more days a week than ever before, I should seriously focus on recovery.

Counting down the days until I can run

Another day of rest. It’s getting harder and harder each day. I’m counting down the days until I can run again.

One more day of rest

The great thing of having your own company is being able to go for a run whenever you want. The bad thing is: no time.