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Too many knee injuries

I see a lot of people with knee injuries lately. I'm going to address this topic more here on the blog. So stay tuned!

Setting my pace strategy for Ommerland

While having fun running a new trail close to my house, I’m creating my pace strategy for Run Forest Run Ommerland.

Guinea pig Matteo

We’re out for a run. The girls are working and we’re running. How cool is that? We are Matteo and I.

Running with a friend keeps you going

I’m out for a run with Matteo. The weather is horrible; grey, cold, humid. Yet we’re running.

Running is contagious, her first run

Sara did it. She completed her first run! First Nicola, then Giulia and now Sara. I think running is contagious.

Broken my 5 kilometers record

Yes, I have broken my 5 km's record! It was a little test if my training schedule is working, and the answer is YES.

La Scimmia Yoga, my trail run sponsor

I've got a sponsor. Now there is not only the Salomon, and NIKE trail running team, but also the La Scimmia Yoga team.