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Tag: mental

Trail des Fantomes; waves of energy

Highs and lows, downs and ups, the Trail des Fantomes was riding on physical and mental waves of energy. 

A look into the mind of a trail runner during a race

Trail running, ultra running, is not just running. It’s a mental battle as well. Am I strong enough to beat my mind?

Five lessons from the Mighty Marathon

he Mighty Marathon was the start of a very, very busy summer; running-wise, working-wise. Five lessons learned.

Should I have a race plan for Sussex?

One more night to my first ultra run, here in Sussex, England. Should I come up with a race plan, or just run?

My legs don’t want to run

I am here, running in the forest. To prove to myself I can run, when my legs don’t want to run.

Running up Mount Conero in Italy

Whenever I have a big race coming up, I think back of the run up Mount Conero; it was a special one.

Sara started her second running schedule

Can I break the 25 kilometers barrier?