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Tag: Nicola

A running photoshoot

The last couple of years I’ve almost only been shooting yoga pics, so I'm always searching for backgrounds in nature.

Italy, here we come

We spend a lot of time in Italy, which we love, teaching yoga. Let’s see if I can find some trail runs to do as well.

Bumping into cows at night

We had to combine running it with a photoshoot today. A run that reminded me of India. Of bumping into cows at night.

Looking back at the Milan Yoga Festival

I promised you to look back at the Milan Yoga Festival, so here are my thoughts.

Running is contagious, her first run

Sara did it. She completed her first run! First Nicola, then Giulia and now Sara. I think running is contagious.

Long, long day, yoga festival day

Long, long day. Yoga festival day. Up at 7 am to go over Sara’s class one more time. Home past midnight.