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ERYRI 25K; a roller-coaster of emotions

ERYRI 25K: I have to climb 845 meters within the first 8,4 kilometers. Climb non-stop. I’ve never done that.

Sara broke her 5k personal record

Sara just ran a new PB on the 5 kilometers; 31 minutes and 13 seconds. That’s 59 seconds faster than han her old record!

The fun of being an old runner

I’m old. Maybe not for a human being, but for a runner. Especially for a newbie. But it’s fun being an old runner.

I am doomed

Fifty years. Fifty years and 4 months to be precise. So, what does that mean for a trail runner?

First ultra trail run test completed

36 kilometers and 780 meters of trail running in the pocket. In other words, first ultra trail run test completed.

I am boring and I love it

I think I'm boring and to be honest, I love it. Maybe it’s being 50 years old, maybe it’s me having done so many things.

I’m getting old

It’s the day after my longest run in my second running life and I feel good. I’m also thinking I’m getting old.

Time to reflect on the Three Mealls race

Being in the car for almost half a day will give me the time to reflect on the Three Mealls Trail race of yesterday.