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Tag: Ommerland

I have to run today

I HAVE to run today, while I do not want to. I entered a new phase in my running career. I’m not sure if I like it.

Adjusting my training schedule

I wanted to change my training schedule, but because my knee was giving me problems I wasn't able to adjust until now.

The lessons from the Ommerland Trail

Looking back at the lessons I can learn from the 44,5 kilometers Run Forest Run Ommerland Trail last weekend.

I ran a marathon, against doctor’s advice

I can’t remember how many doctors told me: stop running. I became my own specialist and ran a marathon yesterday.

Cheerleaders at RFR Ommerland

Ommen, Overijssel, a place where time has stood still. The perfect place to run my first mid-winter trail run marathon.

Question time in Ommerland

Tomorrow is the start of the Run Forest Run Ommerland 43k. I'm prepared, yet, I still have a lot of questions to answer.

Mixed feelings about this morning’s run

We’re out for an easy run. For Sara to test her left knee, for me to loosen up my legs for the Run Forest Run 43 km’s.

Setting my pace strategy for Ommerland

While having fun running a new trail close to my house, I’m creating my pace strategy for Run Forest Run Ommerland.

Afraid of a little bit of pain

It’s a week before the Run Forest Run Ommerland trail marathon, which means I’m afraid of every little bit of pain.

From 3 to 43 kilometers

If I run the Forest Run Forest Ommerland Trail it means that I went from 3 kilometers to 43 kilometers in 1,5 year.