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Tag: personal record

Sara’s long distance record breaking trail run

Record breaking day today. Well, hopefully. Sara is doing an attempt to break her long distance record.

I want a new personal record on the 30 kilometers

A new personal record: according to the feel of my legs, it should be possible. But there is always theory & reality.

Sara broke her 5k personal record

Sara just ran a new PB on the 5 kilometers; 31 minutes and 13 seconds. That’s 59 seconds faster than han her old record!

The fun of being an old runner

I’m old. Maybe not for a human being, but for a runner. Especially for a newbie. But it’s fun being an old runner.

Jumping from joy at the Rovertsche Leij Trail

Maybe you have to be a runner to understand that amazing feeling you can have after a run. Today I am jumping from joy.