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Fast or slow running; you can’t do both

A kilometre to go. Come on, you can do it. A kilometre is nothing. But why does it feel so hard?

Podcast: Sara Bigatti, the runner

My wife Sara's talks about her first steps on the trails, how yoga can benefit runners & how running can benefit yogis.

My legs don’t want to run

I am here, running in the forest. To prove to myself I can run, when my legs don’t want to run.

New podcast; big feet and small shoes

Sorry, it took awhile, but there is a new podcast online. One about big feet & small shoes. One of my life's problems ;)

A sudden change of plans

It’s going to be a rainy Christmas this year. And that’s why we have made a sudden change of plans.

The Running Dutchman podcast

Busy day. I recorded the first episode of The Running Dutchman podcast and we finished the last work on this website. 

Amerongse Berg Trail, the beautiful one

The Amerongse Berg Trail is the most beautiful trail running race in the Netherlands. A race report.