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Training is damaging your body and that’s good

Let’s do some training talk. Why is it so important to rest? Shouldn’t you just run and run? Well no. Let me explain.

How to train as an ageing athlete

How to train as an ageing athlete? Do we have to change our training schedule? The answer is yes. Here is how.

The legs are still tired

15 km's of running is nothing these days, but I guess my legs are still tired from my ultra run in Sussex 1,5 week ago.

Four seasons in one day

Out for a run. I’m hot, overdressed. I’m cold, under-dressed. Pfff, I’m getting soaked, feels like 4 seasons in 1 day.

Time for a new training schedule

Last day of rest. Tomorrow I’m allowed to run again. Not sure how far I will go, I have to make a new training schedule.

Tapering improves running performance

9 days before my race. I’m tapering. Why? Because it improves running performance. But what is it and how to do it?

Finally having my shoulder checked

So, it’s going to happen. Coming Monday, January 30, I’ll be at the physiotherapist, having my shoulder checked.

Redesigning my training schedule

I don’t think running a marathon, 10 days from now, is going to be wise. Redesigning my trainingschedule.

My left knee is not happy

The plan was to do a little recovery run, but not a very short one. The reason we did; my left knee is not happy.

Lessons from my 35 kilometers trail run

I want to run in a way that I can keep on running; injury free. So let’s look at the biggest lessons I've learned.