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Training is damaging your body and that’s good

Let’s do some training talk. Why is it so important to rest? Shouldn’t you just run and run? Well no. Let me explain.

Taking a little break

I think it’s important to take a break every now and then. A break from work, a break from running.

First run in the Netherlands

We’re out for a run, Sara, Bruni and me. It’s our first run in the Netherlands after more than a month in Italy.

Tapering improves running performance

9 days before my race. I’m tapering. Why? Because it improves running performance. But what is it and how to do it?

I am a good weather runner

My plan was to run today. I didn’t because of the rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I am a good weather runner.

Takeaways from the Brabantse Kluis Trail

Sara is out for a run and I’m joining her on the bike. No running for me today after yesterday’s trail run.

Time to think about Saturday’s race

Sara and I are out for a trail run. We just missed the sun. Yet, it’s still nice to be outside.

You can’t repair a car when it’s driving

I have COVID, so I shouldn't do anything today. As an Ayurvedic doctor once taught me: ‘You can’t repair a driving car.'

See how they run

This blog has nothing to do with running. We went to the movies this evening. Today is a rest day, after a lot of work.

Counting down the days until I can run

Another day of rest. It’s getting harder and harder each day. I’m counting down the days until I can run again.