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Tag: Run Forest Run

Adjusting my training schedule

I wanted to change my training schedule, but because my knee was giving me problems I wasn't able to adjust until now.

The lessons from the Ommerland Trail

Looking back at the lessons I can learn from the 44,5 kilometers Run Forest Run Ommerland Trail last weekend.

I ran a marathon, against doctor’s advice

I can’t remember how many doctors told me: stop running. I became my own specialist and ran a marathon yesterday.

Cheerleaders at RFR Ommerland

Ommen, Overijssel, a place where time has stood still. The perfect place to run my first mid-winter trail run marathon.

Setting my pace strategy for Ommerland

While having fun running a new trail close to my house, I’m creating my pace strategy for Run Forest Run Ommerland.

Afraid of a little bit of pain

It’s a week before the Run Forest Run Ommerland trail marathon, which means I’m afraid of every little bit of pain.

From 3 to 43 kilometers

If I run the Forest Run Forest Ommerland Trail it means that I went from 3 kilometers to 43 kilometers in 1,5 year.

I signed up for my first trail marathon

Yes, I did it. I signed up for my first trail marathon. February 11 I'll run the Run Forest Run Ommerland 43 kilometer.